Extreme Retail Fulfillment & Logistics
Client Background:

This valued client is a major international retail brand that boasts over 3,000 store locations in 80 countries.

The Challenge:

ABS needed to meet the client's expectations by printing, assembling, kitting and shipping the company's holiday retail signage. The challenge was extremely complex because of the variety of "sub-stores" within each retail location, requiring numerous variations of signage kits to be shipped. For example, some store locations may include a children's sub-store, a baby sub-store, a fitness sub-store, etc., each requiring different combinations of signage and instructions. Additionally, each sign version was printed in three different languages, with each store location requiring unique language combinations. All kits needed to be delivered to store locations at exact times with accuracy.

The ABS Solution:

ABS produced signage kits that were sent to 2300 store locations in the U.S. and Canada. Each kit was assembled using data to drive the process. This ensured the highest degree of accuracy for such a complex fulfillment and logistical project. The data combined all store and product set information to produce specified kit variations; the data process calculated the weights and cartons that would be used for each shipping variation.

In addition to the management of the extreme fulfillment and shipping process, ABS managed production of some challenging signage requirements. Given very little turnaround time, ABS was able to manage the foam core mounting for a hanging version of the signage, which required the application of a piece of rope. ABS researched and found an outside vendor that could provide the rope that the client specified and completed the requirements by hand-cutting 85,000 pieces of rope and applying them to the correct signs, hand-tying 170,000 knots.

After each print and assembled item was produced individually, all the signage materials were combined to create the final kits. This process used the UPS shipping label as a pick ticket that specified what each kit should contain in relation to its destination. Sign versions were packaged individually and labeled before being placed into a specific kit.

The rope assembly process along with the packaging and shipping was completed in three days. The distribution plan for the client's materials staggered shipments according to delivery time frames to avoid expedited shipping charges.

How ABS Uniquely Met Client's Needs:
  • Provided data-driven, accurate print and fulfillment of an incredibly complex and time-sensitive project
  • Printed 434,000 signs in one week; fulfillment completed in 3 days
  • Printed 78 different sign versions
  • Printed signs in three different languages
  • Cut 85,000 pieces of rope
  • Hand-tied 170,000 knots
  • Labeled, packaged and shipped materials
  • Researched and tested the most cost-effective shipping package
Reasons for Success:

ABS exceeded the client's expections because of the capability to manage a multi-faceted job using data to drive the entire project. ABS's ability to break complex jobs into simple processes enabled each department to complete their individual jobs on time and accurately-combining each process into a larger project that met the requirements the client specified. The unique ability to process all aspects of this project internally through data-driven processes made ABS services extremely convenient, accurate and cost-effective.

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