Automated Web2Print Service Program
Case Study Samples:
Client Background

This valued client markets a retention communication program to car dealerships nationwide. The client's system consolidates customer data from dealerships to provide personalized service reminders and promotional offers to car owners. Service programs are proving to be a highly valued revenue stream for car dealerships in a challenging economy. The more personalized the communication to the car owner, the greater response and increased rate of customer retention.

The Challenge

The client was wasting a vast amount of time and money compiling personalized communication proofs manually and tracking client changes and proof approval before going to print and fulfillment. They were looking for a web2print provider that would streamline their order entry and proofing process for 18 unique templates and over 10,000 assets for use in personalizing each communication. The company they chose would need to seamlessly and securely implement data integration and allow for extreme levels of customization within the order processing site. The company must also incorporate online proofing and tracking to address the production delays currently being experienced.

The ABS Solution

ABS and the client worked closely together to build a customized portal that was user-friendly and manageable for the client, but could also accommodate their complex data integration, asset management, personalization and online proofing needs.

To the client, data is king and drives the success of the service retention program. Because of this company mindset, ABS wanted to make the integration with the dealership's data as painless and as useful as possible. To accomplish this, ABS created an FTP upload site within the client portal so the client would be able to quickly and easily upload new dealership data.

Once uploaded, this data immediately generates a sample online proof for the client to review and share with the dealership for approval. The system monitors dealership approval for the client which saves an enormous amount of administrative time. Once the dealership approves the proof, the file is submitted to ABS for print file proofing and production.

The ABS system continually checks for new client data files to be submitted for print production and fulfillment. When a new data file is received, the system begins the auto-process of identifying any missing assets needed for personalization. The client is immediately notified of any missing assets. ABS systems CASS, NCOA and pre-sort the data at this time for mailing efficiency and cost-savings. The client also provides unique business rules which ABS must implement for all dealerships to meet their individual postal requirements.

The client has over 10,000 different assets for use in personalizing their service program communications. These assets consist of 18 unique templates including a variety of brochures, letters, postcards, etc. as well as numerous logos, images, slogans, coupons, headlines, sub-headlines, vin#'s, disclaimers, etc. ABS created an online asset management system within the portal which the client can add to and delete from as needed. The client's Service Managers can even create new offers immediately right within the system. This allows them to change and manage their assets quickly and efficiently, with no involvement from ABS. ABS systems allow for changes to be made to one mailstream, without stopping production of the remaining mailstreams-something that the previous vender could not accomplish.

The personalized data provided for each car owner will drive the type of communication being sent and which assets will be featured-right down to the color of the owner's exact vehicle! In a matter of minutes, an endless variation of print ready files are created, and an online mail proof is generated for the client to either reject, comment on, or approve. ABS is instantly notified of their response.

Once approved, print-ready files are digitally printed. Postcard mailings are first printed off-set as shells and then digitally printed to keep costs down. A 2-D barcode is used on every communication piece. This code drives ABS's entire quality control process and allows for automated and accurate mail assembly using intelligent inserting with no hand assembly. As a final quality control step before mailing, a selection of 2-D barcodes are scanned from each mail stream and data is cross-checked for validation.

Because of ABS's variable data print and customized, web2print capabilities, the client is now able to mail over ½ million personalized communications per month for hundreds of nationwide auto dealerships.

How ABS Uniquely Met Client's Needs:
  • Developed a customized, online solution which accomplished the client's unique and complex needs for administration of their communication program.
  • Greatly reduced administrative time being spent on creating manual proofs for each job.
  • Provided deep expertise related to data integration and management.
  • Created an easy-to-use, online management solution for their extensive asset library.
  • Provided online proofing and tracking solution.
  • Significantly reduced production time.
  • Facilitated complex personalization of all communication templates through a completely automated and data-driven workflow.
  • Created and implemented improved quality control requirements.
Reasons for Success:

ABS accomplished what the client's other vendors could not-a custom solution that truly solved their unique administrative and communication challenges. From the beginning, ABS dedicated team members to truly understand every facet of the retention service program, and identify every possible solution to create automation and streamlined workflows wherever possible. ABS proposed and implemented strategic solutions to complex requirements.

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