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ABS is pleased to announce that our organization has moved to a new 130,000 square feet facility. By combining two different facilities, this move allows us to have all of our print solutions--standard and large format, sheet-fed/offset, large format screen, as well as small and large format digital printing-- under one roof with room for greater workflow efficiency, new technology and expanded inventory space. Print versatility, in addition to finishing, sewing, bindery, kitting, mailing, storage, and much more enables us to meet the direct mail, signage, marketing collateral and fulfillment needs of major national brand marketers. With everything in one location, ABS and our clients as well, have greater control over projects from start to finish.

Just 5 miles down the road from our previous location, we have the same great access to major expressways in the Chicago area and Midwest, as well as to major airports and railways. This great Midwest location continues to enable us to capitalize on the most efficient shipping times and rates nationwide. With this move, we have been given the opportunity to invest in new and additional equipment which incorporates the most up to date and innovative print technology:

  • A 56" KBA sheetfed press with UV coating- This rare press in the industry doubles the through-put of a standard 40" press and allows our clients to efficiently print larger signage while experiencing the versatility and quality of the sheetfed press.

  • KBA 56" Press and Komori 40" Press
  • 3 Konica Minolta Cut Sheet Black and White Printers-Allow us to produce higher quality black and white imaging with greater efficiency. These machines are the perfect complement to help maximize our direct mail production.

  • Packsize On Demand Box Maker-With this technology, we can custom engineer packaging onsite in order to best protect client materials during shipping and delivery. We can also reduce packaging costs by minimizing the amount of material needed to provide proper packaging protection. With the reduction of packaging material, we also minimize the packaging's overall environmental impact.

  • Packsize On Demand Packaging
  • New state-of-the art viewing areas with lighting and environment designed for the most accurate color and quality checks for our clients. We have also created a simulated storefront viewing panel for our clients who require window displays at brick and mortar locations.

Improved Workflows, Quality Control and Security

This exciting new facility has provided a clean slate to create and implement custom designed workflows that facilitate smooth and quick transition of product from one production step to the next. We have created an entirely new floor plan to capitalize on departments and equipment being in better proximity to each other. This means jobs can be produced more efficiently and cost effectively, and with less movement of product, there is less likelihood of product damage.

ABS Mailing Department Workflow

Our direct mail and bindery departments in particular have benefited from being merged into one area to allow for more inline processes. Machines have actually been connected so that binding and imaging are produced in the same production line resulting in greater expediency for direct mail workflows as well as other marketing collateral assembly.

Our project managers and management teams have convenient access to production that allows us to be nimble and respond promptly to customized requests and last minute changes. One project manager can handle a job from start to finish.

Our investments in workflows and technology cater to the complex production and fulfillment needs of national brand marketers with a mixed variety of print needs including direct mail pieces, point of purchase and signage requirements. With more space, we have been able to merge departments and streamline conveyor systems to maintain lean assembly line workflows and shift staff as necessary to speed jobs to completion. Shipping and receiving entrances have been expanded to eliminate any waiting for shipping and delivery.

Assembly and Kitting

The new facility provides improved security measures with limited entrances and custom built secure areas. Rarely does product need to leave our building for manufacturing processes, which ensures tighter security and quality in addition to timely production. This is ideal for our financial and human resource clients who require strict control over confidential data and materials.

Not only do we have room for optimum manufacturing, we have 90,000 square feet of warehouse space and 28 feet clear to ceiling, with expandable racking dedicated to inventory and client storage. This, in addition to on-line inventory management programs, allows our clients to manage their print inventories at the touch of a finger and without the time and expense of managing it in their own facility.

The address of our new facility is:

ABS Graphics
900 North Rohlwing Road
Itasca, Illinois 60143

For questions or additional information, please email us at info@absgraphics.com or call 630-495-2400.

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